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  1. Engenius EAP350

    High Power Wireless N Access Point
  2. LUXUL XAP-1410

    High Power AC1200 Dual-Band Wireless AP
  3. LUXUL XAP-1240

    High Power Wireless 300N Outdoor Access Point
  4. LUXUL XAP-310

    Wireless 300N Low Profile Access Point
  5. LUXUL XAP-1230

    High Power Wireless 300N Commercial Grade AP
  6. Luxul XWS-1310

    Wireless Controller Kit with (1) XWC-1000, (3) XAP-310 APs and (3) PoE injectors
  7. LUXUL XWS-2510

    Wireless Controller Kit, includes 1 XWC-1000, 2 XAP-1510 AC1900 Dual-Band Wireless APs and PoE Injectors.
  8. LUXUL XAP-1510

    XAP-1510 Wireless AC1900 Dual-Band AP
  9. Engenius EAP1200H

    Dual Band AC1200 Indoor Access Point, Hi Output
  10. Engenius ENS202EXT

    ENS202EXT N300 High-powered/Long-range Wireless Outdoor Access Point
  11. Engenius ECB600

    Dual Band High Power Wireless Ap, Desktop
  12. Engenius ECB350

    High Power 800Mw Wireless-N Ap, Desktop
  13. Engenius EAP600

    High-Powered, Long-Range Ceiling Mount, Dual-Band N600 Indoor Access Point
  14. Luxul XWO-BKT1

    High Power AC1200 Dual-Band Outdoor Bridge Kit
  15. Luxul XWO-BAP1

    High Power AC1200 Dual-Band Outdoor Bridging AP

16 Item(s)

per page
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