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ICE Cable Systems

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Data / Category Cable

HDBaseT Certified Cat 5e, Cat6, & Cat 6A

HDBaseT certified Cat 5e, Cat6, & Cat 6A for proven performance.


Entry Level Cable That Doesn't Compromise On Safety

Entry level cable that doesn't compromise on safety.

Speaker Cable

The Industry's Best Speaker Cable, Filled With Premium Features

The industry's best speaker cable, filled with premium features.

Coaxial Cable

High Performance, Full Specification Coaxial Cable

High performance, full specification coaxial cable.

Automation Cable

A Full Line-Up Of Cables For Lutron & Crestron Systems

A full line-up of cables for Lutron and Crestron systems.

Alarm & Audio Wire

Even ICE Cable Systems' Alarm Wire Comes In The Ground-Breaking BMP Box

Even our alarm wire comes in the ground-breaking BMP box.

Structured Cable

Bundled Cables In A Variety Of Time-Saving Configurations

Bundled cables in a variety of time-saving configurations.



Safer and better performing cable that's easier to pull.

ICE Cable Systems has reimagined every aspect of cable to save time, increase performance and improve safety for installers. Experience smoother, hassle-free installations backed by a company that's focused on doing it the right way. ICE Cable System has prices that are aggressive, without compromising the cable. The result is more than just cable. It's the future of cable.






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Big Mouth Payout (BMP) Technology

ICE Cable's Big Mouth Payout box and unique cable winding pattern makes for easier pulls and less hassle. Other features such as reinforced handles, water resistant paper laminate and newly upgraded 24kg burst test cardboard, make this the most solidly built box in the industry.





REELEX Technology

REELEX uses a combination of custom-designed machines and software that allows cable coils to pull from the inside out without any rotation of the bundle.


Reinforced Handles

Double-layer reinforcements mean the days of ripping the handles are over.


Water Resistant Paper Laminate

Protects the box from water damage and prevents “soggy cardboard.”





Cable Technology



iLabel is a print legend to help installers identify and pre-mark the cable for each ROOM, WALL and JACK location. The location and application information can be circled with a Sharpie marker. Each room is designated with an abbreviation that tells installers specifically where the cable is going (ie. BR1, GAR, KIT, etc.).


Less scrap! ICE Cable's foot markers show how much cable has been used and how much is left before pulling the cable. This reduces waste and helps installers make use of all the cable in each box or spool. Foot markers are printed every 2 feet.

Rip Cord

All of these cables have rip cords, to make the cables as easy to strip as possible. This is one area where many other manufacturers try to cut corners.


ICE Cable


EZ Strip Tissue

Ever stripped a PVC jacket in warm weather? The jacket sticks and it can be quite an exercise. ICE Cable Systems places a thin layer of tissue around the conductors and under the outer jacket. Once the jacket is scored, it slides off easily, with no effort.

* Available on FX series speaker cable

Direct Burial

ICE Cable Systems 10, 12, 14 and 16 gauge FX Series speaker cables are Direct Burial rated, saving installers the money and hassle of having to buy two different cables for indoor/outdoor applications. This means less inventory to buy and stock in the trucks.

Oxygen Free Copper

ICE Cable Systems uses Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) in their FX Series speaker cables to ensure premium sound quality. Higher purity copper means better low level signal transmission and great sound.