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Atlas ATS-CP400

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400W High-Performance, Dual-Channel Commercial Audio Amplifier

MPN: CP400
UPC: 612079185757
MSRP: $968.99
MAP: $776.99


A professional grade audio power amplifier specifically designed for demanding contractor applications, the CP400 features esoteric grade toroidal power supply and output transformers. These transformers were chosen for their outstanding reliability as well as extended frequency response (-3dB @ 30Hz - 16kHz via transformer output). Systems specified with the CP400 will have true transformer output isolation, a feature that previously may have not been affordable due to the cost of quality external transformers. CP400's two independent channels ensure maximum channel separation and ultra low distortion figures while providing years of service. Whether the application is a large distributed constant voltage sound system or a high SPL sound reinforcement system, the AtlasIED CP400 is the perfect answer for high power/low cost amplification needs.


  • 25V, 70.7V, 100V, and Direct Coupled (2, 4, and 8ohm) Outputs Mounted on Barrier Strips with Covers for Safety
  • Balanced Inputs on Barrier Strip and XLR Connectors
  • Dual-Speed, High Efficiency Fan Cooling
  • Loop Through Feature on Male XLRs, One per Channel Input
  • Power-Up Muting
  • Short-Circuit, Temperature, and DC Offset Protection
  • Soft Clip Limiter Protection
  • Stepped Attenuators Mounted on the Rear for Security
  • Stereo, Bridge, or Parallel Operating Modes Selectable via Rear Mounted Switch
  • Toroidal Output Transformers Provide Full Electrical Isolation and Meet Worldwide Safety Agency Approval
  • UL Listed - UL60065

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