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TiVo Mini VOX


TiVo Bolt VOX 3TB

TiVo Bolt VOX 500GB

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TiVo Bolt VOX 500GB - 75 Hour HD, UHD 4K, 4 Tuners, Voice Remote

MPN: TCD849500
CPD Item SKU: TIV-TCD849500V
Item UPC: 851342000261
MSRP: $199.99
MAP: $199.99

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TiVo’s powerful Unified Entertainment System now includes a voice remote that delivers personalized results from searches across live TV, DVR and streaming content. The 4K Ultra HD-compatible BOLT VOX still boasts TiVo’s unique fan-favorite features, including SkipMode™, OnePass™, OneSearch™ and more.



  • The VOX voice remote searches across live TV, DVR and streaming content to deliver personalized results.
  • TiVo’s visually-rich user experience delivers personalized predictions and access to live, recorded, on-demand and streaming content.
  • Watch in 4K ultra high-definition resolution with spectacular, eye-popping color and detail.
  • Skip entire commercial breaks with one click and resume most recorded shows.
  • Simultaneously search live TV, the DVR and streaming apps to easily find and watch entertainment.
  • Enjoy live TV and recorded shows on a tablet, smartphone or laptop (iOS 7.0 and up, Android 4.1 and up).

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MPN TCD849500
Shipping Weight 4.3
MAP 199.99
Weight 1.9000