Your One-Stop Custom Shop

At Custom Plus, we have put considerable thought and effort into the products that we stock so that you can be ready to stand up to even the toughest of customer demands.

Industry-Tested Staff

Our staff are not just salesmen, they have been in the business for decades and are constantly learning to provide you with the right solution to your needs, every time.

West-Coast Coverage

With warehouses in Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, & San Jose, Custom Plus is your leader in Home A/V and Mobile Electronics Distribution up and down the West Coast.


About Custom Plus

Custom Plus is a leading distributor of consumer electronics, providing specialty dealers with specialty products since 1989.

Custom Plus Distributing operates on the conviction that we are responsible for maximizing successful marketing and sales for brands and customers we represent — it is not simply enough to rely on a brand’s name and reputation alone. This means our staff dedicates itself to aligning work with the goals of the manufacturers in all aspects of marketing such as: branding, philosophy and future development goals in the market.

We provide total market coverage through our careful process of segregating dealers and clients by trade classification, then we separate even further into demographics, region, specific needs, and more to ensure that each one of our clients are provided personalized sales and marketing support that aligns with their particular needs.

Join Us On Our Journey

Custom Plus has the background knowledge, technical skills, talents, and market savvy to foster significant growth for dealers and manufacturers alike.

Our staff has intimate knowledge of the markets we service. This is a result of long-term personal relationships with buyers, executives, owners and account staff fostered over many years; stretching back to before Custom Plus Distributing was officially launched. Focusing on our account base, understanding their needs, and committing to meeting those needs—allows us to create a progressive, profitable program for all.

While other businesses are cutting staff, locations, and services right now, we are gaining market share and seeing growth through investment in locations, tools and technology. We can see the future, and are committed to growth.

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