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Cool Components COO-TCBSC80

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Basic Temp Controller (On/Off Only) - 80F

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These are basic but important items when it is desired to add automated control to the Cool Components cooling and venting products. These units turn the fans on and off based on temperature and have fixed set points of 80F/27C. They are very easy to install as they simply plug inline between the power supply and fan units. Their small size allows them to be placed most anywhere. Please note that all set points are +/- 4 degrees. Use the TCBSC80 controller for rooms or closets since the ambient temperature is generally lower than cabinets and enclosures.
Product Usage Tips: While there are specifications that indicate a set-point and degrees of variance, several factors and challenges exist when measuring ambient air temperature in an uncontrolled environment. Adding cooling and ventilation products add in a degree of control, but unless working with a sealed enclosure, it is still difficult to regulate and control the amount of pathways of airflow. For this reason, the temperature controllers may not seemingly operate in the range specified. If encountering an issue, the best course of action is to simply consider the placement of the controller. Very generally speaking, if the controller activates too early or does not turn off, back it away from components and put in a known airflow pathway. In other words, do not leave it resting on a component. If it is delayed in activating fans, then do the opposite, move it closer to the component and area where heat will accumulate. Please note: The controller sensors/switches are rated for higher voltage but the controller cables are only rated for up to 60 Volts.
  • Easily and Affordably Add Automated Control
  • On/Off Control Based on Temperature
  • Multiple Applications
  • Compatible with All Low Voltage Cooling & Venting Products
  • Four Versions - 80, 88, 100, and 110F Fixed Set Points
  • Dimensions (Sensor): ~2 (50mm) in Length & (7mm) in Diameter
  • Temperature Set Point: 80F/27C (+/-4)
  • Compatibility: All CCI Low Voltage Cooling & Venting Products
  • Connection: 2-Pin FastWire Power System
  • Voltage: 5-12V DC

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